Volunteer Information

Volunteer Information

Volunteer Responsibilities


Play Counter  We have a rule that for every game, each player must play a minimum of 6 plays per half.  The play counter is on the sideline with the team and will count the number of plays for each player to ensure the minimum of 6 is met per half.  The play counter will work closely with a designated coach to keep the coaching staff informed of which players still need their plays.  However, with our emphasis this year on smaller team sizes, the play counter should have a very easy task.


Spotter  The spotter(s) provide the announcer with the player numbers involved in each play. For example, the spotter would tell the announcer that #1 for Ovid Elsie ran the ball and he was tackled by #2 from the opposing team.


Announcer  The announcer is the person on the microphone for each game.  This person will announce the starting lineups for each team and offer basic play-by-play information to the spectators.


Chain gang crew  There are 3 people needed for each chain gang crew.  These people are on the sidelines holding the down markers. There is one person on each end of the 10 yard 1st down markers.  They move up and down the field as the teams play.  The third person on the crew is responsible for the down box. This is the marker that tells what down it is (1st down, 2nd down, etc).  The down box always signifies the line of scrimmage.


Concessions  Several people are needed each game to run our concessions stand (taking money, filling orders, etc)


Scoreboard  One person is needed each game to run the scoreboard.  This person will start/stop the clock based on the notification from the officials. They are also in charge of displaying the score and what quarter the game is in. 


50/50 Raffle  One or two people are needed each game to handle the 50/50 drawing.  We will have one winner each game.


Admissions  This is a new responsibility and still needs to be fully defined.  The basic concept is that this person(s) will monitor the entrance(s) and charge by the person coming to watch a game. 


Set-up crew  Several people are needed each home game day before the start of the first game. They will be responsible for ensuring the markers are on the field, the concession stand is ready to go, the announcer equipment is ready, trash cans are out, and any other tasks necessary to begin the first game.


Clean-up crew  Several people are needed each home game day at the end of the last game.  They will be responsible for taking care of any equipment, closing the concession stand, taking care of the trash, and ensuring the park is clean.

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